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Erskine Day Nursery is set in the beautiful countryside of Hurstpierpoint with easy access to the A23 to Brighton and London. We open 5 days a week for 50 weeks of the years from 8am-6pm.

What we do 

The rooms are divided between 0-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-5 years where we provide fun, stimulating and challenging activities for all children, parents are regularly updated on what their children get up to at Erskine via online learning journals and a closed group for parents on Facebook.

In 2017 we were rated as OFSTED outstanding where the inspector noted how the staff skilfully extend children’s learning. 

Link to: OFSTED current rating

Our key worker system allows for each child to be observed and planned for based on their interests and next steps of learning and we are proud of the high percentage of our children reaching their early learning goals by the end of reception every year.

We care for children aged 0-5 years across three different rooms; Baby, Toddler and Pre-school, where we offer a nurturing, homely environment to all. We provide a range of activities to all ages to promote their development daily, supported by the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidance.

Our Staff

Our staff are highly trained in what they do, obtaining a range of qualifications from; Level 2, Level 3, Level 6 in Childcare and Education, Management NVQ 3, Safeguarding training and Paediatric First Aid. Our staff are committed to further developing their knowledge to provide the best possible care they can. Meet the Team

At Erskine Day Nursery we provide a range of enrichment activities throughout the year; farm trips to our local farm Washbrooks, sports day and

sport lessons, Music Mike and trips to the local village to talk about our community just to mention a few. The children attend the local farm either Washbrooks or Plumpton Farm in the spring learning about lambing and taking part in a variety of activities about this; feeling the lambs (talking about their texture), feeding the lambs, making their own lambs out of different junk modelling and crafts and to also look at the different animals on the farm and find out lots of information on them. We also get our very own chicks from the farms and raise them ourselves in our setting!

Sports day happens in the summer months where a local sports company provide a great event for the children to be a part of, encouraging them to join in with the different activities from; throwing into targets, practicing kicking, running races and many more! 


Music Mike is the favourite enrichment activity that the children love! Music Mike provides a 30 minute educational session to the children fortnightly,

attending with all different instruments the children need to play in the session. Music Mike plans and provides different themes within his session

consisting of anything from; opposites, numbers, colours, prepositions etc. 

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We also enjoy going on walks to our local village!. When in the village we talk about our community, visit the church, look at the local shops and also visit the green grocers and bakers and buy their produce to support the local businesses!. We are very lucky to have such lovely walks near our setting

which we enjoy walking around and going on scavenger hunts!

Baby Room (Rainbows)

Rainbows is the Baby Room at Erskine Nursery. In here we look after babies from 3 months to 2 years. We have created a very loving, caring and comfortable environment for the children and staff.

During our days at nursery we productively involve the children in lots of different activities and games, often messy play! We and the babies love making handprint pictures or finger painting, this really encourages them to express themselves and find out their likes and interests. Our weekly panning is based around the babies interests and skills, but mainly trying to develop them further while still having fun.

Our routine during the day is very loose as most babies have their own routines that we follow. We go and play and explore outside twice a day to promote healthy exercise times and change of environment. At lunch time we all eat a healthy meal together, allowing the babies to socialise with their friends at meal times. All the babies have separate cots at sleep time and enjoy listening to classical music when dozing off.

Having a healthy working relationship with parents is very important to us. We involve them in settling in sessions before their baby start with us, so they can get to know the key worker for their child. We also have daily journals to communicate with parents, they show what the child has done during the day and how their routine has been. Parents and carers can put messages in these books to continue communications when times may be tight in the morning or afternoon.

Toddler Room (Little Stars)

In the Little Stars Room we look after children from the age of 2-3 years old. Most of our children in the room will have move down from our Baby room, Rainbows.

The children have a more structured routine throughout the day, having different activities to take part in. We encourage the children to become more independent such as putting on their shoes and coats. In our room most of the children start to toilet train, here we have many discussions and look at visual cards to encourage the children.

In the Little Stars Room, we make sure the children are ready for Pre School, we include the EYFS in our daily routine, linking it to the children’s play.

Each day we have circle time, this encourages the children to extend their listening and attention skills, throughout circle time we learn a range of different topics which interest the children.

Some children are still in need of sleeps after lunch, each child has their bed available. The children who don’t sleep are able to complete a quiet activity.

During the day we go outside as much as possible, this gives the children the air they need and to explore the world around them.

In our room the children are mostly into messy play, which is always available for them, we also start to look at basic maths and reading skills for example recognising their name and numbers 1-5.

Preschool Room

The pre school room cares for children between the ages of 3-5. In Pre-school we help the children prepare for their school transition. 

Whilst working along with the children’s parents/carers we also follow the EYFS, so the children can reach their goals and full potential. We have a very creative environment with everything so we can offer your child to thrive when they go to school. 

When preparing your child to go to school, we teach them independent school e.g. being able to go to the toilet and basic hygiene, to be able to recognise their own names and other letters from the alphabet. We also encourage the children’s mathematical skills by recognising their numbers, counting and singing different number songs and rhymes. 


Everyday we encourage the children’s communication and social skills to interact with new children and adults when put in new situations and going through different transitions. 

Located at Erskine Villa, Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9EF. 


Erskine Day Nursery is

approximately 9.5miles – about 20 mins from Brighton

approximately 14miles – about 20 mins from Crawley.