Fees & Early Years Funding (EYF)

From Spring 2022



Birth to 3 years old - £66 full day

Birth to 3 years old - £37 half day 8am-1pm & 1pm to 6pm


The term following your Child's 3rd birthday


3-5 years old - £61 full day

3-5 years old - £37 half day 8am-1pm & 1pm to 6pm



Early years funding (EYF)


Children become eligible for Early years funding (EYF) the term following the 3rd birthday.


Parents  / Carers will receive an invoice on a quarterly basis, January, May and September. Your invoice will give you the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis at the set date as stated, or pay in full.


Your invoice will show your Child's allocated days as requested, all bank holidays and planned Christmas closures will not be shown and are not charged for.


The EYF rate is times set at the minimum to deliver the provision of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


West Sussex County Council requires services outside the basic EYFS provision to be charged separately. The provision of Lunch falls outside of the EYFS and therefore is charged at the rate of £1.10 per hour. In addition to supply consumables which represent all non-educational items covered in the EYF. This includes but is not limited to items such such as paper, gels, wipes, antibacterial spray, tissues and also classes such as Music Mike and French Lessons which are purchased by the setting.

These consumables will be combined and charged at a rate of 44p per hour.


The rate for all as above will be charged at a total on all EYF hours at £1.54 for full days & for half days £2.84. All hours outside the EYF will be charged at a normal rate as per full day or half day appropriately.


Universal EYF provision for all children is 11 hours per week for the full year, taken over at the minimum of two days.


Parents may make a claim via HMRC website for the extended hours, if this is granted you will be issued with a code, that would need to be placed on your entitlement form. This extended hours code will double your Child's claim to a maximum of 22 hours per week over the year. If your child attends other settings where you claim the EYF, please indicate on the form, in either the universal or extended hours section, as this will alter your claim with our nursery.